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IM®pb Resources

Everything You Need to Know to be IM®pb Compliant

The Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) is the Postal Service's next generation tracking barcode for parcels and Extra Services. IMpb-compliant barcodes provide destination routing and piece-level data that enable the Post Office to increase system-wide processing efficiency, enhance tracking capabilities, and provide tracking services.

The Postal Service has introduced and made mandatory a new requirement to affix tracking barcodes to all commercial parcels. The impact of the new commercial parcel requirement goes beyond packages and parcels. It also applies to Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express flat-rate envelopes. Parcels that do not display an approved barcode risk return and/or delivery delays, as well as increased postage rates in some instances. Also, operators of mailing systems must meet the full Postal Service IMpb requirements in order to continue to receive Commercial Base Pricing postage discounts, qualify for automatic insurance for Priority Mail, and avoid potential per-piece price adjustments for non-compliant pieces.

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There's no need to worry about the new USPS® IMpb requirements when you have NeoShip. Designed for the low to mid volume shipper, NeoShip is a simple online shipping solution that works in conjunction with IS/IM/IN-Series mailing systems. With NeoShip you can create an IMpb compliant shipping labels in four easy steps, and pay for them directly out of your NeoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. Shipping packages has never been so easy.


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